Last month our Brisbane home girl Lauren Porter (aka Rowen) packed her bags and moved to the other side of the world to pursue her music dreams. Fast forward a month and Rowen has well and truly settled into American life. She’s played multiple gigs in Los Angeles, dressed up as spaghetti for Halloween and even found time to meditate on the beaches of Santa Monica!

Now in the 2015 equivalent of writing a letter home, she’s sent us a video to share with you all of her performing her new song ‘Will You Wait For Me’ live at Kulak’s Woodshed in LA. YIPEE!

To follow Rowen’s USA and Canada adventures (and to see what dressing up as spaghetti looks like in real life) head over to her Facebook page!

Watch: ‘Will You Wait For Me’ Like At Kulak’s Woodshed, LA