Infusing neo-soul with hints of RnB, Isabel’s new single Fences is a sonic beauty with a sultry beat.

Working with local producer Steve Thornely (Meredith and Georgia Mae), Fences heralds a departure from Isabel’s folk roots, layering beats and sounds to create an enchanting soundscape.

“I’ve always wanted to use different sounds and textures to add more ambience to my songs. Steve has helped me do that with Fences and shown me that my music doesn’t have to be restricted by the instruments I own,” she said.

Musically the track was inspired by artists like Meg Mac, Chet Faker, The Internet and Jarryd James, while the lyrics explore the “grass is greener on the other side” mentality.

“We often spend time wondering if different circumstances would make us happier, rather than making the most of the circumstances we’re already in.”

Fences asks the question – if we were to reach ‘the other side’, would we really be satisfied or would we still desire something else?”

One thing is for sure, Fences will leave you eager for more.

Listen exclusively to Isabel’s new single Fences below, and get along to the Fences Single Launch on Thursday, 4 February at Black Bear Lodge. Doors 7PM. Tickets $10.