“Sinking into a dark rainy sleep while thoughts and emotions paint the walls around you,” is how ambient songstress Amber Ramsay, aka Cloud Tangle, describes the atmosphere she’s created on her recently released, debut EP Pocket.

Written in her bedroom over the past year, the songs on Pocket weave similar stories and are based around very contagious human emotions.

“I want the record to be something people listen to in solidarity and connect to in their own way,” said Amber.

“I love artists who write songs that you can listen to 10 times and hear something new each time and I hope that’s what happens when people hear my music.”

To celebrate the release of her debut EP, Amber has prepared a track-by-track description of Pocket, giving listeners more insight into the record’s enchanting tunes.


  1. Always Falling
    This track opens the same way it ends, with the sound of rich, tension filled organ. Always Falling is very minimalistic but also carries a sense of complexity in the guitar riffs and drums. The vocals flow slowly over the steady bass line and stick to a very simple melody. The song was written around the idea of struggling with dark feelings and experiences and wanting someone to catch you when you fall, but also just wanting to fall.
  2. Almost Close To You
    This song was written earlier than the others and is very raw and cold.  The main guitar draws the song along as the lyrics tell a story.  A lot of the sounds were recorded on my phone after playing loops in my bedroom and a lot of the parts were improvised but kept from the recordings. This song tells the story of wanting to love someone but being afraid of trust and of being in love.
  1. Pocket
    This song inspired the idea of the whole EP itself, and shows a darker side to the other songs. I recorded and produced a lot of this track while travelling and added a lot of instruments along the way.  The harmonium and organ add a timeless and tense environment where the guitar pierces through with a harmonious, slow melody.  The timing and structure is very fragile and shaky. I wrote this song based on the idea of dragging someone who loves you down into your own personal flaws and darkness.
  1. The Feeling Of You
    The Feeling Of You closes the EP with a drawn out instrumentally focused piece. The song starts off with a free time swell of loops and sounds followed by a ‘Sheppard’s Tone’ inspired transposition into a more structured, steady feel. This song is based less around the storyline and more about the sonic journey. The timing falls in and out and the track ends with two organ parts tangled together and moving slowly but destructively. The end of this song is a personal highlight of the whole EP for me.

Cloud Tangle’s debut EP Pocket is OUT NOW, available online and on limited edition cassette via Valley Heat Records.