Leaving no stone unturned in 2019, Brisbane blues-rockers Don and the Mobsters are blasting their way into 2020, flipping the proverbial bird to people who can’t keep their New Year’s Resolutions on their rambunctious new single, Pure Sin.

Emitting a sultry, underground vibe that makes you want to act out, Pure Sin is inspired by individuals who are all talk and no action.

Pure Sin is about people that talk the talk and can’t walk the walk. We’ve all met them. My Dad calls them ‘I am c***s.’ As in ‘I am this, I am that’,” said front woman Don Brooks.

The track is a tongue-in-cheek peek into the band’s latest album (due out next year), which Don says captures their live sound with a ‘more is more’ aesthetic.

As a band known for pushing boundaries with the utmost fun, we asked these legends to give us some pointers to help anyone who’d like to take their Christmas from boring to roaring. Get ready to add some sin to your silly season with these purely sinful tips…


  1. Add some spice to your Christmas dinner with a skulling competition. Just remember to be creative. Skulling beer? That’s been done! But imagine the look on Grandma’s face when you skull the gravy!

  2. Give the gift of chance this Christmas. It’s been a long-held tradition in my family to give scratchies. For that extra convenience, save the hassle and gift these babies pre-scratched. “Hi Uncle Terry, I got you $20 in scratchies this Christmas, sorry you didn’t win anything, better luck next year!” Extra advantage, any winnings can be kept for yourself.

  3. No one does indulgent hedonism quite like the family feline. Take a leaf out of your cat’s book and climb the family Christmas tree. Extra points if you are taller than the tree itself.

  4. Bring the outdoors indoors. We are lucky in Australia to experience Christmas at the hottest time of year. While enjoying festivities however it’s important to stay sun safe. Bring that family game of backyard cricket inside! TV is one run, breakables such as vases and urns are four runs but breaking a window is six and out!

  5. Gather the family round for a good ol’ not-so-Christmas flick. What a better way to bring everyone together than a warm-hearted Christmas movie. But that can get old quick, so be sure to mix things up this Christmas. The Grinch: too soft. Home Alone: think bigger. Die Hard: please only 23 people die in that movie. Swap it out for Eyes Wide Shut and introduce the family to the true meaning of Christmas.

  6. Better yet, skip the celebrations! You can’t ruin family Christmas if you aren’t there, and the local strip clubs will appreciate your patronage.

“Stay safe, happy and hydrated this Christmas. And if you want to be sober, be sober. Somebody has to do the booze run at 2AM. Love from, Don and the Mobsters.”

However you plan to shake things up this Christmas, be sure to do it to the tune of Don and the Mobsters’ bangin’ new ditty Pure Sin.

Don and the Mobsters launch Pure Sin at Brisbane’s Tomcat on Saturday, 14 December. All event info HERE.