We’re not the only ones excited about the EKKA kicking off this week. Brisbane rockers The Doller Bill Murrays love a good carnival, and to celebrate the EKAA rolling into town they’re playing the inaugural Sailor Jerry’s Pre-Ekka Wrekka Party at Black Bear Lodge on 9 August.

A shindig that will see many people hungover for People’s Day, Pre-Ekka Wrekka will showcase some of Brisbane’s hippest bands including Shady Bliss, The Dollar Billy Murrays, Bixby Canyon and Nice Biscuit. The Dollar Bill Murrays will also be launching their new single Medicine on the night.

Medicine is about getting your fix, or doing what feels right. Whether that’s someone you know, something you do, or something you take. It can be anything that can have many sides to it,” said the band.

To celebrate the release of their new track and their EKKA party plans, we asked the band to share with us some of their favourite EKKA experiences. Here’s what they had to say…


  1. The holiday! Ain’t no party like a mid-week party, so that’s why we wanted to make the most of it by creating this event on the eve of the Ekka public holiday! Seriously though, it’s pretty nice to be given a day off in the middle of August because the government thinks you should be able to go to the show – ain’t that nice of ‘em!
  1. Strawberry ice cream. Our bass player Paul is going to try to not get it all through his beard this year. We couldn’t get strawberry ice cream happening at the gig but the crew at Sailor Jerry’s are bringing the good stuff on the night. No complaints.
  1. The animals. The cool thing about the Ekka is you don’t have to be a dog or cat person. They’ve got both! Plus cows, chickens, goats, sheep and everything else. We would rate it as the #1 annual menagerie in Bowen Hills on TripAdvisor if we could. (can we?)
  1. Whipcrackinlike a true blue Aussie legend. We wanted to have whipcracking at the gig, but apparently it’s not allowed?
  2. Woodcuttin. See above.
  3. Sketchy looking carnival blokes. They have an alarming need for dental work.
  1. Carnival life. When I was 8 my parents left me at the Ekka, I don’t know where they are. Now I peacefully coexist with the person mentioned in point 6.


Catch The Doller Bill Murrays at Sailor Jerry’s Pre-Ekka Wrekka Party at Black Bear Lodge next Tuesday night, 9 August. And if you’re heading to the EKKA this year, don’t forget to pick up a strawberry ice cream!