Looking for somewhere to go this Friday night but don’t want to pay through the roof for entertainment? Head to the New Globe Theatre and see 18 bands play across three stages as a part of BT Management’s new monthly show Damage Control.

Fans will be able to see a variety of local acts for just $15 (or $10 presale), with each stage catering to a different genre. The foyer stage will play host to acoustic, indie music, the main stage will accommodate heavier genres like rock and metal, and the cinema stage will round things out with a little bit of everything.

“What excites us most about the line-up is how versatile it is. You can listen to some chilled out acoustic music on one stage, then move to the main stage and listen to metal till your heart’s content,” said Damage Control organiser Ben Torley.

Damage Control is BT Management’s latest creation which aims to get more bands on stages, and more music lovers out at shows supporting the local music scene.

“We keep on innovating and trying new ideas because the scene is constantly changing. What used to work even a couple of years ago, simply doesn’t work anymore. Fans are constantly changing, and to keep the live music scene alive, you have to think of new ideas to get people out as fans.”

So if you need some exciting plans for Friday night, get in and grab your tickets to Brisbane’s newest variety show. No matter what your style is, you’ll find something you like at Damage Control!

The first Damage Control kicks off this Friday, 5 February at The New Globe Theatre from 6PM. $15 entry ($10 presale). All event information available here.