Satisfy your musical sweet tooth with the delectable sounds of the final Cookies & Cream show for 2017, with a line-up curated by the sweet as sugar ladies from Vincent & Jules. Throughout 2017, this dynamic duo, made up of Christina Langham and Amanda Terry, have brought some of Brisbane’s finest talent to light, and now they’re getting ready to go out with a bang! The final instalment of this top-notch event for 2017 will be taking place at The Zoo on Saturday, 21 October and it’s definitely one for the diary!

Here’s 13 reasons why you should get out of your trackies on Friday night, leave the tub of ice cream at home and sink your teeth into this delicious line-up instead…


  1. Music For The Masses
    Cookies & Cream embraces rock, pop, and indie sounds, so there’s something for everyone. Run by artists for artists, Vincent & Jules know exactly what will get you on your feet to dance the night away.
  2. Take A Journey With Off Gilsan
    With songs about the hardships of life, growing up, and relationships, Off Gilsan will take you on a journey while they rock out onstage.
  3. Get Your Happy Hit With Dopamine
    A five-piece indie rock band hailing from Brisbane, it’s no wonder they’re named after the chemical of love and pleasure. Immerse yourself in their tunes for an instant happy hit!
  4. Order Some Pop Punk With Lunchtime
    Did somebody order the pop punk band of your dreams? Described as an explosive fusion of genres, don your favourite pair of doc martens and ripped jeans while you pump your first to their grooves.
  5. Dance Along With Signals
    This experimental band crafts math pop tunes, so you can expect lots of harmonies, shouty bits, and gorgeous instrumentals.
  6. Support Your Local Girl Gang
    Vincent & Jules are about all things girl power, so it’s no wonder they’re teaming up with The Zoo, which has been independently owned, operated, and booked by women for the last 25 years! Get behind these fabulous women and show your support for the sisterhood!
  7. The Best Things In Life Are Sweet
    Dessert is just like a good song – all the great ones make you want to dance and leave you wanting more. Cookies & Cream is sure to leave you craving more tunes (…and all things sugar).
  8. Feel The Love
    From fighting for equality for LGBTQI+ individuals to championing animal rights, Vincent & Jules spread the love by speaking up about issues that are important to them. There’s going to be a lot of love at The Zoo this weekend.
  9. Treat Yourself!
    Never has better advice been given than Parks and Recreations “Treat Yourself”. Simply put, it means to spend money on something you’ll enjoy, and $5 (presale) for a ticket to Cookies & Cream – priceless!
  10. Grab A Bevvy
    We were tempted to come up with a drinking game so you’d take a shot every time good music played, but you’d probably become a walking hazard. Instead, kick back with a bevvie and have a chin wag with a stranger – you never know, they could become your next bestie!
  11. Bear Witness To Vincent & Jules Pool Playing Abilities
    Think you have what it takes to beat Chrissy in a game of pool? Think again. While you might not be able to beat the dream team, you can certainly watch them battle it out.
  12. Bring A Friend Or Make Some New Ones
    Gigs are always a great place to meet new people! Cookies & Cream is a perfect place to socialise, and start your own club of punters.
  13. Celebrate In Style
    Send off the 2017 season of Cookies & Cream in style. Vincent & Jules promise to bring the rockin’ tunes if you promise to bring the good vibes.

The final Cookies & Cream of 2017 is on this Saturday, 21 October! For more info on bands, venue, and desserts scroll through the event page HERE.