Pop musician Jade Not Jane soothes the world’s collective covid-19 anxiety on new single ‘Cherry Cola.’

Nothing is as it seems in the period that is covid-19. If Alice In Wonderland had fallen down the rabbit hole that is 2020, a very strange world she would encounter indeed. Capturing the essence of a planet turned upside down, inside out and barely recognisable to itself and its citizens, is pop musician Jade Not Jane’s poetically mournful and defiantly euphoric new single, Cherry Cola, out 19 November.

From families separated by borders and travellers stranded abroad, to dying individuals isolated from loved ones and weddings and funerals under tight restrictions. To industries decimated and millions left unemployed. These are just a handful of the harsh reality’s humanity faces as an unprecedented pandemic continues to unfold. Diving headfirst into the loneliness, anxiety and sheer bewilderment of these unsettling times, Jade Not Jane’s Cherry Cola provides a sonic security blanket of sorts; a haven for listeners to untether their burdens and find understanding amidst turmoil.

“Cherry Cola is a song that delves into the idea of not wanting to face reality, but not being able to fully ignore it either,” said the Brisbane musician, who co-wrote the track with her song-writing partner Lucas Montgomery.

“This year has been super crazy and weird and not knowing when or how things will go back to normal is one of the things I struggle with most. It’s super strange as well because everyone I know is dealing with this in some way or another.”

Cherry Cola

In this surreal reality, lyrical musings like “When will this end? When will we know? When will we wake up? When can we go?” reflect the real-life questions we’re all seeking answers to. Through soaring harmonic synths and Jade’s comforting and powerful vocals, Cherry Cola conveys the human collective’s eagerness and nervousness to get back to normality.

“It’s an escapism track written for listeners to get lost in. Cherry Cola explores themes of yearning and the idea of missing your safe cave as the world returns to a new normal. It resonates with the introvert in us all.”

Recorded at Hunting Ground Studios with the help of producer Luke Woollett, Cherry Cola is influenced by the grace and power of female leads like Joni Mitchell and Florence Welch, while echoing sentiments similar to The BeatlesYesterday and Muse’s Time Is Running Out.

As the rat race that is life grinds to halt, if you’re left feeling like you’re running out of time or falling behind, let Cherry Cola be your musical toke.

Wash your worries away listening to Brisbane musician Jade Not Jane’s flourishing new single Cherry Cola exclusively below. Cherry Cola is out this Thursday, 19 November and will be debuted at Brisbane’s O’Skulligans alongside Annie Joelle on 28 November. All event info HERE. Pre-save HERE.