Inspired by David Bowie’s concept album Ziggy Stardust, Cheeky Velvet (the stage persona of local singer-songwriter Jackie Boccaccio) is a scientifically modified girl from the future sent back to 2016 to save the world. Hailing from 2115, this pop music delight knows a thing or two about what’s going to take off this year. Here’s her thoughts on what will be HIT and MISS in 2016…

  1. HIT: Flare pants and bell bottoms will make a fully-fledged comeback because 70s glam rock style is sneaking back in!Flare pants
  2. HIT/MISS: “Farnsy” (John Farnham) will miraculously come out of retirement to tour because it’s Farnsy and that’s what he does.
  3. HIT: Cronuts, cruffins, wonuts, cookie shots and dough cones were just the beginning. 2016 holds the dawn for the experimental, hybrid SAVOURY FOOD! Eat Street will definitely blow up this year, they’re going to have to expand.
  1. HIT: McDonalds lost business last year, so I can definitely see them losing even more this year. I predict a new healthier super chain to take their place, I wonder if Facebook will deliver…
  2. HIT: Facebook will make a “I don’t want to see the Kardashians in my newsfeed” button due to the constant updates that drive us all crazy! It will also be impossible to live in this world without a Facebook account this year because of all the new essential updates!
  3. HIT: Taylor Swift will absolutely clean out the Grammy Awards – her single Shake It Off had only just dropped last year in time. This year her album 1989 is going to take home all the cake and record of the year. Adele will definitely give her a run for her money though.
    T Swift
  4. HIT: New Squad Alert! Adele, J Law & Emma Stone are forming a new Squad! Maybe they’ll take on Taylor Swift’s ‘Girl Squad’ LOOK, they all went out for Mexican, this is it!
    J Law squad
  1. MISS: Donald Trump will NOT become President of the USA. There is just no way!
    Donald Trump
  2. HIT: Lady Gaga will return to music. Her hit debut album The Fame was produced by RedOne and she’s working with him again for her new album. Together they will rule the music scene- that pair can do no wrong musically.
    Lady Gaga
  3. HIT: Brisbane will be on its way to becoming the music hub of Australia. We have a few things to learn from Melbs first though.


With an EP (The Adventures Of Velvet) of cheeky tunes you can dance to, eccentric style and mesmerising theatrical shows that will make you groove, Cheeky Velvet is an act to see in 2016.

Cheeky Velvet’s first show for the year ‘The Velvet Variety Freak Show’ kicks off 22 January at The Backroom.