”Walk that bridge and slay” is exactly what Brisbane’s purveyor of pop, Cheeky Velvet, does as she leads the charge empowering people everywhere to be who they want to be, in new single Slay Queen.

A creative DIY powerhouse akin to the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, Cheeky Velvet does everything – from song-writing and performing, costume and set design, to managing her brilliant team #likeaboss – she IS the ultimate Slay Queen.

So when a break up left her feeling low, Velvet found herself thinking about lyrics that would inspire her to heal, and set about making huge changes in her life (goodbye toxic friends and boyfriend).

“I realised what would help get me off the floor and back into creating mode, was to leave the house all dressed up in Velvet mode,” said Jackie Boccaccio (aka Cheeky Velvet).

“I designed a whole new suite of costumes, with styles ranging from gypsy, to hippie, to 40s pin up, club wear, the 80s and more! The art of dressing up made me feel like a Queen; I didn’t have to be the same thing every day. It enabled me to take back control.”

From these costumes came characters whom Velvet plays in the accompanying Slay Queen music video – a sassy, bold piece brought to life with the help of Gypsy Leigh Productions.

Now Cheeky Velvet is hell bent on helping everyone unleash their inner Slay Queen, and she’s given us a few tips…


  1. Put on your favourite outfit. Even if it’s the $6 overalls you scored last week second hand. You’ll feel like a Queen.
  2. Feeling crap? Make Plans Girls. Go see some live music, like local rockers Eliza and the Delusionals – FYI they’re amazing! Don’t stay at home, go out for a drink or a bite to eat, check out markets, op shops, a poetry slam or head to a friend’s house. The possibilities are endless!
  3. To Do Lists People. Want to get stuff done, create a To Do list! I make one every day.
  4. Do the things you love, duh. You’ll always be happy and you’ll work harder than ever.
  5. Listen to your favourite song. Is there anything in this world more therapeutic than music?
  6. Delete the jerk off snapchat. You know the one and you’re too good for him! Delete him, just do it! But send him one final snap of what he missed out on.
  7. Work out! One of my besties drags my ass out of bed to go Hula Hooping. Nothing is more fun than a gossip session whilst hula hooping.

For more schooling on how to be a total Slay Queen, watch Cheeky Velvet’s Slay Queen music video (below) and catch her on her upcoming Hello Sailor tour this March. Event info HERE.