Brisbane pop-rock darlings Rawr Vanity don’t just chase their dreams, they catch them.  With their California Dreaming tour kicking off in Los Angeles next week, the band’s dream of touring the USA is about to become an exciting reality.

Influenced by the desire to experience the music industry from a new perspective and to share their music with the masses, the band are embarking on a USA tour that will see them play shows throughout Los Angeles, New York, Texas and Tennessee.

California Dreaming – the song and the tour – is about reaching your goals. In a metaphorical sense, California is this beautiful, sunny destination – it’s where you want to be in life,” said Wacey.

As an independent band, everything Rawr Vanity has achieved to date has been a result of their sheer determination and thriving work ethic. During the past six years they’ve released an EP and album, built a loyal fan base, and most recently they launched a merchandise campaign to help fund the California Dreaming tour.

“We’ve always wanted to tour overseas and in the past six years we’ve had opportunities come and go. People promise you the world time and time again, and we thought, nope, we’re done – we’ll do it all ourselves,” said Jesse.

Having achieved so much already in their home country, the band is looking forward to immersing themselves in the American music scene.

“Music wise, Australia can be limited in opportunity. In the USA however, there are so many cities that are renowned for their music. Austin, Texas is the live music capital of the world – they have over 200 live music venues in and around the city centre alone, with gigs seven days a week, day and night – so we’re stoked to be playing there,” said Jesse.

“The USA is a bigger and broader market – more people to play to, and more people who appreciate that music is a career not a hobby,” adds Wacey.

With their catchy, radio-friendly tunes, and dazzling live shows, Rawr Vanity are going to take the USA music scene by storm!

The California Dreaming tour kicks off in LA on 1 October, 2015. Check out the California Dreaming music video below and get ready to share in the excitement.

Watch: California Dreaming – Rawr Vanity