MofoIsDead are back with a thunderous bang, dropping Born Shit Die today – the second single from their forthcoming EP Brisneyland which is out on 20 November.

Born Shit Die is a rousing anthem about how mundane and meaningless life can seem. The lyrics “You’re born, you do some shit, you die” are brutally honest and will speak to each and every individual who has ever felt dissatisfied with their life. Prepare the t-shirt presser because this is a slogan people will want to wear.

Born Shit Die is a powerful, questioning and provoking introduction to Brisneyland, a record that explores the human condition and the dark depths of the human psyche. It’s a collection of tracks the band has been sitting on for some time, and when released, it will have many pondering the meaning of life.

If you like your rock music served with a thought-provoking dose of reality, be sure to listen to Born Shit Die here, and keep an eye on their Facebook page on Friday, 20 November when Brisneyland arrives!