Brisbane composers Ben Heim and Connor D’Netto (collectively known as Argo), have teamed up with the University of Queensland Art Museum to present Light Play: An Immersive Chamber Music Experience which aims to challenge the norms of musical performance and staging.

The duo, who have been musical colaborators for years, were keen to participate in concerts and events that would allow them to work with another art form as well as with other talented musicians. After working with the UQ Art Museum last year, they decided to jump on board for their upcoming exhibit Light Play: Ideas, Optics, Atmosphere.

“The art in the exhibit is full of colour and patterning – it really spoke to our musical style, while its depth of ideas and emotional content had the potential to inspire a diverse range of new works,” said Connor.

Drawing inspiration from the artworks, Ben and Connor have created an entirely new catalogue of musical pieces to guide the audience through the show, which focuses on the phenomenon of light.

With a continuous 90 minute program of acoustic instruments and voices underpinned by touchscreen-controlled electronic soundscapes, the audience is sure to have their senses tantalised as they move around the space exploring musical, visual and artistic ideas at their leisure.

“I think this kind of immersive experience will really challenge some of the preconceptions people have about music and what they think concerts are and can be,” said Ben.

“We want the audience to see that people can make great, accessible and entertaining music with classical instruments, and that you don’t have to be in a concert hall to hear it.”

Ben and Connor will be joined by a team of Brisbane’s finest emerging performers, all of whom will be working hard at Light Play to break down musical barriers and delight the audience with their exquisite music.

“Ultimately we want everyone who comes to leave with a sense of wonderment – we want them all to feel like they have been transported to another world for the evening.”

Light Play: An Interactive Chamber Music Experience is on at the UQ Art Museum next Friday night, 30 October. Entry is free. More details about the event can be found here.