From this day forth, Brisbane’s premier booking agency Paper Shoes Music shall be known as PS Music Group. A revamped name is just one of the winds of change coming to the company who’ve already taken steps to reboot and expand in 2016.

Already boasting an impressive roster throughout Australia and New Zealand, PS Music Group are excited to welcome a second agent, Tim Loydell, to the team, as well as adding artists AKALA (UK), Cheap Fakes, Kudos and Brisbane’s Avaberee to the family.

“Taking the company to the next level is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and meeting Tim, our new agent, last year led to such an organic process of reinvigoration for the agency,” said PS Music Group Founder Will Watson.

“What we’re creating with our artists is something really special, and we’re stoked to have some new acts on board. To put it lightly, the past two years for Paper Shoes have been huge, and the next 24 months are set to be even bigger.”

With the word “group” in PS Music Group leaving much to the imagination, Will says that moving forward, the company will have a strong focus on representing international artists in the territory.

“Ultimately, we want to better represent our artists throughout Oceania, and this revitalisation will further cement our place as a great Australian booking agency – a direct reflection of the professional quality our artists.”

Standing as Brisbane’s only artist agency, and having already booked some incredibly progressive acts, the next chapter for PS Music Group is bound to be exciting!

Want to get in touch with PS Music Group? Contact them via their website.