As we move into the New Year and self-awareness is at an all-time high, we’re jumping on the “new year, new you” bandwagon and serving up a selection of music videos that champion self-expression on this week’s Better Than Netflix. Whether through the freedom to have fun, acknowledging hurt and kicking negative experiences (and people) to the curb, or delving deep into one’s inner world and surroundings, these seven visual gems by Queensland acts will have you eager to leave the past in 2018, and be the best version of you in 2019. Three cheers for the New Year and happy viewing…


A visual sonnet to psychedelic 80s new wave, The Jensens’ Coma is an enchanting take on self-expression and turning a breakdown into a breakthrough. Starring friend and fellow local creative, Sahara Beck, the video beautifully relays the internal voyage from being stuck in a painful cycle of mediocrity to breaking out of said routine and being propelled forward into a fresher and move vibrant perspective. The music and visuals blend seamlessly, providing a marvellous morsel of what is to come on the band’s forthcoming EP, due out early 2019.


Eight Second Ride’sSee What Tomorrow Brings details the difficult period that follows a break-up and the internal struggle that comes from being in a toxic relationship but holding out hope that things will be better in the morning. Following two troubled lovers, the video covers everything from breakdowns, make-ups and break-ups. But how does this merry-go-round of messy relations end? You’ll just have to watch and find out.


A house full of memories forms the backdrop for Brooke Lambert’s break-up ballad I Don’t Wanna Hate You. The video clip finds the songstress reliving moments from a real-life relationship as she struggles to move on, only making peace with what’s happened once she removes her rose-coloured glasses and sees the truth: that the person she harboured feelings for was doing her wrong all along. An honest reflection that breeds empowerment and soothes the soul.


Described by the band as the definitive song of their latest EP Optimistic Cynic, the music video for New Stain is a wild ride – literally! It’s rare these days to see a video that’s just pure fun to watch, but He Danced Ivy deliver just that. Lyrically, capturing a chaotic period of their shared lives, New Stain embodies the soul of an optimist trapped in the body of a pessimist, and this tension makes for some damn frenetic viewing. Swap your morning coffee for a peep at this video and you’ll be energised in no time.


Atmospheric is the only way to describe this gem by Inovo. It’s a little bit horror, a little bit indie, and a huge audio-visual dunk into other-worldly surrealism. Filmed on a shoe-string budget, this one rivals a sci-fi movie in terms of quality as well as narrative and its ability to immerse audiences in multiple ethereal concepts simultaneously.  If you’re into picturesque paranormal panoramas then Inovo’s The Day Is Coming is compulsory viewing.


Laneous’ Modern Romance is pure oddity in a very sensual way and we’re lovin’ it! Starring Underbelly’s Gyton Grantley, Modern Romance is full of surprises, with no way to predict what will happen next. Featuring everything from yogis, cellos, a juggalo, steaks, bandages, chains and a cucumber, this is one video you’ll be drawn into watching again and again to pick up on the pieces you missed the first time around. The oddness of the clips makes perfect sense when you think of it in terms of the variety and diversity of what, like the artist says, is a modern-day romance.


Tia Gostelow strikes a wonderful balance between a happy/sweet sound and melancholic lyrics on Phone Me, with the accompanying music video matching this vibe perfectly. Tia invites audiences to take away from Phone Me whatever they want, making it as serious or light-hearted as they see fit. The artistic direction of the video keeps your eyes entertained, without too much preamble or premise. Another one to add to the ‘favourites’ list from one of Queensland (and Australia’s) fastest rising young stars.