If you’re currently in a state of sorrow because all of your friends are at Splendour and you’re sitting at home eating popcorn, never fear! We’ve got your weekend in sorted with five epic videos recently released by some of Brisbane’s coolest dudes! Settle in, pop another bag of popcorn in the microwave and hit PLAY!

TEMPORARY – BENEB (Electronic)

Former Lesuits front-man Ben Mackay (aka beneb) has been wowing audiences across Australia with his latest release Temporary. The film clip for the track is a reflection of the song itself, which deals with defeating ego in times of depression and anxiety. The video features abstract lighting, psychedelic environments, and culminates with beneb superimposed flying all over the world. This really is a video that needs to be seen to be believed.



As Paradise Falls have had a rough time this past year. After recording an album late last year, their guitarist Glen Barrie sadly passed away. Pulling together, the band have made plans to release the album as a tribute to what they say is some of Barrie’s best work. The video for their latest track, Digital Ritual features a sneak, albeit covert look at the new vocalist and guitarist for the band. The video itself is a dark, modern reflection of life, featuring panning shots of city skylines and close-ups of the band members.



Two’s Company is Skinwalkers’ first single since they returned to the scene as a two-piece earlier this year. For the accompanying film clip, the band chose to take a no frills approach, letting the music speak for itself. The video features the two band members playing along to the song in a small room. The clip is shot in black and white, from multiple angles, giving a high energy representation of the band.



The Ninjas‘ latest single Morphine was recorded as part of the band winning The Seed Fund’s “It’s All About The Song” grant late last year. The song is described by front man Josh Stewart as an “ode to hillbilly heroin.” The film clip for the track is laid back, featuring a montage of the band playing various shows and locations, as well as behind the scenes shots of the guys hanging out.


With their latest single Eyes of Sand, Sydonia aim to get people motivated to fight for the things they believe in. The song is the first to be released from the band’s currently untitled album, which will be the first to feature their new guitarist, Ant Connelly. The video for the song features vocalist Dana Roskvist interspersed with clips of war, famine and conflict, as well as footage of the band’s epic live shows.