Aye Aye, Captain! Buskers By The Creek is celebrating all things pirates, mermaids, and music this weekend (14 – 15 October) at Winders Park, Currumbin. We’ve compiled a playlist of some our favourite artists, so grab your mates and have a listen as you set sail for one of the most entertaining festivals of the year!

Souls On The Wire – Daryl James LISTEN HERE |
Souls On The Wire is quite literally about how shoes end up on powerlines. Another entertaining song by Daryl James the track is described as having an unhealthy dose of beatboxing and uncouth guitar.

Breaking the Chains – Euphoria Under Fire │ LISTEN HERE |
Euphoria Under Fire
is a duo made up of best friends, and it’s clear from the way they play together. Breaking the Chains is fun, fresh, and easily relatable. Effortless harmonising combined with the perfect mix of percussion and guitar results in an explosion of positive energy and good times.

In A Good Way – The Dennis Sisters LISTEN HERE |
In A Good Way is about the experience of someone new changing your life for the better. Using simple acoustic melodies, The Dennis Sisters blend their voices together seamlessly. Their sibling unity is at the core of their music, and the girls are definitely ones to watch out for.

Mickey uses dynamic percussion, warm guitar, and commanding vocals to create charming pop. This groovy track will instantly have you dancing along in your seat.

Hidden – Malia Stirling LISTEN HERE |
Malia Stirling’s haunting vocals and enriching instrumentals feel like they’re straight out of a fantasy film. Classically influenced with blues and folk undertones, Malia addresses social issues and invites her listeners to have emotional responses.

Hi Ho – Salt & Steel LISTEN HERE
Salt & Steel retell stories of the earth and sea, connecting with kindred spirits wherever they go. Hi Ho is made up of all the guitar you could wish for, with some foot stomping rhythm thrown in for extra measure.

The Wolves – Katie Who LISTEN HERE
Described as an atmospheric indie pop act, Katie Who’s track The Wolves is the perfect track to chill out to. With unforgettable vocals and contrasting drums, this song will stay in your head for days after you first hear it.

With acts like these, you won’t want to miss out! Buskers By The Creek is open to all ages, will have food trucks and sidewalk stalls, and best of all FREE entry. Further info on the festival can be found HERE.

Feature image: Euphoria Under Fire