In the musical equivalent of When Harry Met Sally, Brisbane favourites Shag Rock and Asha Jefferies are teeing up for a double-single launch of EPIC proportions at local hub 38 Berwick this weekend. It will be a high-energy, melting pot of beach-rock meets powerhouse indie-pop with Shag Rock unveiling their new banger Loosen Up  and Asha kicking off her national Coburg Single Tour.

These musical minds got together for a little pre-show Q+A catchup. Let the banter of the bands begin…


  1. How did you know music was something you wanted to do?
    When I was about 5, anyone that came over to my house I would make them sit down and I’d put on a performance for them. Singing, dancing. Hella embarrassing thinking about it now. But I just loved performing and loved sharing music with other people from as young as I can remember.
  2. What are the top three moments you’ve had as an artist (not including shows)?
    I was in a club in Brisbane a couple of months ago and some girl came up to me and shouted over abrasive music – OMG are you Asha Jefferies?! I love that song kiss my ass!!!

    Jack Carty is this amazing Australian singer/songwriter who really influenced my music since I first started listening to him when I was about 12. He happened to catch my set playing at the Queen St Mall a couple of weeks ago. It was a crazy proud moment. He’s my local idol.

    I’ve been really lucky in the last couple of years with receiving mentorship by Kellie Lloyd, Rohin Jones (Middle East) & Aaron Shanahan (Miami Horror). Felt ridiculously honoured to know and be supported by such acknowledged muso’s.
  3. What is the best show you’ve played to date?
    I had a b’day bash gig for my birthday earlier on in the year. It was so special – all my favourite bands played and my friends and family all came to celebrate. Then afterwards, I did shots with my teachers.
  4. If you could describe your music as a type of food what would it be?
    Tiramisu. Or fish and chips. Not sure.
  5. What is the wildest moment you’ve experienced in your travels?
    I attempted to defeat my fear of birds by entering pigeon territory zone in a square in Paris earlier this year.
  6. You’ve worked with some pretty serious songwriters (The Middle East), what were some of the key things you took away from working with such legends?
    It was so great working with Rohin. I was stuck in a bit of a songwriting ditch when I met him. He really encouraged me to just keep writing, and doing it for yourself, no one else. Keep pursuing and perfecting the song so that you are 100% proud of it. Because the hard work will pay off.
  7. If you could live your musical career/life over again, would you do anything differently?
    I’d probably stress a whole lot less. You can’t rush greatness. No one ever really told me that. Progress isn’t linear either, some days you’re gonna write absolute garbage and that’s totally a-okay.
  8. Would you rather kick a brick or punch a pole?
    Kick a brick.
  9. If Celine Dion offered you a world tour, but you could only play with two thongs and PVC pipes would you take it?
    Yes, 100%!
  10. Question 10: Would you karate chop Richard Kingsmill if it meant you would get played on Nova and HitFM twice a day for the next 5 years?
    … I’m really confused by this question. Regardless, my answer is no.


  1. How did the name Shag Rock originate?
    Sounds like it should be a lot racier than it is, but it’s named after a rock off Stradbroke island.
  2. Have you ever written a song about someone and then had to play it, with them in the room?
    Thankfully the girl moved overseas before the song came out, so it’s been smooth sailing playing songs about said girl.
  3. What would your music be the perfect soundtrack to?
    Sitting by the pool drinking beer.
  4. What’s your guy’s ultimate destination to play in?
    New York when we head to the states on tour in October.
  5. Haloumi or bacon?
    Are you kidding, bacon every day of the week.
  6. If a gangster put a gun to your head and you had to pick one song to play for the next 30 years on repeat, what would it be?
    Would play some Enya cause the gangster would be in such a state of relaxation that he’d fall asleep, then you just walk away. Riddle solved.
  7. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done/said in front of someone you’re crushing on?
    Nick said when he was younger he was chatting up a girl on MSN then said “brb I’m going for a dump”. Needless to say that romance did not flourish following such dainty eloquence.
  8. Are there any elements/different styles of music that you’re keen to employ into your already developed sound?
    We’ve been introducing some trumpet into our new demos so hopefully we can embrace some brass.
  9. What did you guys want to grow up to be when you were little?
    I wanted to be a cowboy hairdresser. I think everyone else wanted to be firemen and far more macho professions.
  10. What is the ultimate on – stage outfit?
    Hawaiian shirts and footy shorts.

Listen to Asha Jefferies’ new single Coburg HERE.
Listen to Shag Rock’s new single Loosen Up HERE

Catch Asha Jefferies and Shag Rock launching their respective singles at Berwick 38 this Saturday, 26 August.