Forget the Top 40 and mega party mix CDs, Baltimore Gun Club will be playing high voltage rock n roll when they headline Roo’s Live Experience’s First Birthday Party at the New Globe Theatre this Saturday, 20 May.

Since starting her website Roo’s Live Experience in 2016, Roo has become one of Brisbane’s most passionate live music reviewers and she’s curated a line-up of only the best live acts for her first birthday bash.

Known for being able to rile up any crowd with their grunge-rock anthems, Baltimore Gun Club will take centre stage alongside the likes of Being Jane Lane, The Disgruntled Taxpayers and Buzzkillers to get the party started (without the need for Pink’s song of the same name on a mega party mix CD).

Describing themselves as Roo “fan boys,” Baltimore Gun Club guarantee the show will be better than staying at home “zombie-fying”. They’ve even written a party survival guide for punters as an extra incentive. Here’s their top party tips…


  1. Find the dog. It will keep you good company, no matter what. Then plan earliest point of escape and revolve the rest of the night around that plan.
  2. Hide any CD’s that say ‘Top 40’ or ‘mega party mix’ or similar.
  3. Change ‘Hide’ to ‘Put in the bin.’
  4. Wondering why you’re feeling aggravated, and want to leave? You missed a CD.
  5. Bring your skateboard, a quick skate around the block or two will make you feel better.
  6. Try to convince people to go to the local and see the original live band playing that night. The ones that follow are the people you want to hang out with. Your night and future will be so much brighter.

Catch Baltimore Gun Club playing and partying hard at Roo’s Live Experience’s First Birthday Party at The New Globe Theatre this Saturday, 20 May. All event information available HERE.

~~Roo’s Live Experience’s First Birthday Show is proudly sponsored by Music Is My Muse, Vincent & Jules, Emerge, Live & Local and Hungry Spaniel Records.~~