Brisbabes is back with a line-up that oozes more girl power than a Spice Girls reunion tour. Featuring Sahara Beck, Avaberée, Alla Spina and Love Signs, the second instalment of Brisbabes promises to be bigger, better and more babelicious than the first – a true celebration of our city’s finest female musicians.

One of the brightest up-and-coming acts making an appearance on the night is pop trio Avaberée, who recently released their debut EP and returned from a tour of the USA. While their overseas tour experience was invaluable, vocalist and keys player Irena Lysiuk says there’s nothing quite like the comfort of the Brisbane music scene.

“I think what makes Brisbane unique is that a lot of the musicians here more or less have day jobs to fuel their art. We all continue to make music not for any praise, money or fame but simply because music is felt and it is needed,” she said.

As an all-female ensemble, the positive and inclusive attitude towards women in the music industry that Brisbabes promotes is particularly pertinent, and the band are stoked to be a part of such an empowering event.

“I think it’s important to embrace the energy, strength and poise we female artists bring to the industry. Of course there are always going to be small things, whether we deem them sexist or not. Small things like being bypassed by the sound guy to only shake our male drummer’s hand and no one else’s.”

“I think the key to addressing issues of gender inequality though, without knocking other people down, is to always keep ‘equality’ in mind.”

“My advice to up and coming female artists would be: find your voice and what makes you unique, and your music will always be true to you.”

In true girl-power style we asked Irena to share the love by giving “snap cup” compliments (like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde) to her fellow Brisbabes Alla Spina, Sahara Beck and Love Signs. Here’s what she had to say…


Brisbabes #2 is on this Saturday, 9 January at The Foundry. Attendees don’t need an XX chromosome to get in on this good time, just dancing shoes and happy attitude! All event and ticket information is available here.