Australian rapper MC Pyrit’s debut album will tickle the earbuds of Eminem and Hilltop Hoods fans.

Droppin’ beats hotter than the tropical summer heat of his native North Queensland, MC Pyrit is keeping it real while realising his dream on his debut album Unspoken Sentiment, out 27 November.

A gifted storyteller turned emcee, MC Pyrit’s entrance into the world of hip-hop and rap is a fitting extension, with his music providing him an outlet to work through difficult experiences and emotions.

Honing his craft over the past five years freestyling and performing at open mic nights, it was not being able to perform live due to covid-19 that saw the singer-songwriter knuckle down and commit to writing, recording and releasing his debut album. The result is a candid, vulnerable and inspiring body of work that unpacks personal and social issues that many listeners will connect to.

“My vision for Unspoken Sentiment was to take listeners on a journey down many conceptual rabbit holes. This record is an emotional rollercoaster with everything from chilled out feel good tracks to raw and confronting material on self-sabotage, domestic violence and everything in between,” said the Cairns-based artist.

“I wanted to explore different human experiences and express that in my own unique way while giving listeners a huge album with a lot of substance and replay value; a song for every occasion.”

Produced, recorded, and mastered by Devize (Devize Beats), Damien Codotto (Purple Sound Studios) and Nicholas DiLorenzo (Panorama Studios) respectively, Unspoken Sentiment builds on the captivating singles (Premier, Soul Remedy and Bounce and Another Night) MC Pyrit has released throughout 2020.

“I want the record to showcase my abilities as a songwriter, recording artist and storyteller. This album has a wide range of emotional energy and writing styles that cover a versatile body of subject matter I hope listeners will enjoy.”

A record that will tickle the earbuds of Eminem and Hilltop Hoods fans, Unspoken Sentiment also features guest vocals from fellow Cairns talent, Vivien Aisi, in what’s best described as a magical and dynamic mix reminiscent of Eminem and Rihanna’s tee up on Love The Way You Lie.

Be inspired to find meaning amidst the chaos that is life by streaming MC Pyrit’s poignant debut album Unspoken Sentiment exclusively below. Unspoken Sentiment is out Friday, 27 November.