Australian pop band Bligh tackle relationship insecurities on new anthem ‘Ride.’ Take note 5 Seconds Of Summer Fans.

If you’ve ever been guilty of being paranoid and insecure in love, then listen up, because Australian pop band Bligh have melded your greatest relationship fears into one catchy ally on their anthemic new single, Ride.

Not to be confused with The Vines‘ hit of the same name (although this newbie is just as fetching), Ride fuses infectious guitar lines with driving drums and melt-in-your-mouth vocals you can’t help but shout along to, to create an arena-ready, Australian pop anthem that sums up how we’ve all felt in a relationship at some point in time. It’s a tune 5 Seconds Of Summer fans will be enamoured by.

Giving nod to acts like The Strokes and The KillersRide was particularly inspired by a Banksy piece titled The Well Hung Lover which Bligh front man Elliott Baylis says is responsible for drawing his attention to his own romantic paranoia.

Ride is basically me realising how paranoid I was in all of my relationships and that I’d been externalising a lot of the blame for my short lived romances. The song is about realising you’re the problem and being terrified to loose someone,” said Elliott.

Australian pop band Bligh


A moving sermon dripping in self-loathing introspection, Ride is the first bite of the scrumptious Australian pop pie that is the band’s forthcoming debut EP Sunsets. Delving deeper into the theme of toxic relationships, the band is keen for Sunsets to continue the precedent Ride sets: to add layers of vulnerability and real life experiences to their already catchy music.

“We want to make music that speaks authentically about a common human experience rather than just deliver another catchy chorus,” said drummer Jaidyn Blayde.

“We’re at crossroads; a point where we feel we have to develop or die,” adds Elliott. “There’s a feeling of having never released anything that feels definitively us. With Ride we wanted to make something that truly fulfilled our creative ambitions and it’s really paid off.”

As the lyrics go ‘Forever’s a long time to ride,’ but we’re certain listeners will be strapping in and blasting this Australian pop anthem loud for a very long time.

Shake your insecurities loose by streaming Bligh’s indie-pop nirvana gem Ride below. And if you know a 5 Seconds of Summer fan, be sure to put them onto Bligh, who’re guaranteed to become one of their new favourite Aussie bands.