From fearless frontwoman of critically acclaimed Astrid & The Asteroids to talented teacher and choir conductor, Astrid Jorgensen is using her skills as a singer, song-writer, producer and conductor to share the power of music with individuals from all musical backgrounds, inspiring a new generation of Queensland musicians in the process.

With a degree and masters in music combined with impressive industry experience, Astrid says teaching was the next logical step in her musical journey.

‘There aren’t many jobs on for ‘famous singer’ (I checked once), so gaining my teaching qualifications was a way to put my musical study to good use,” she said.

Last November her choir work saw her conduct the Queensland Kodaly Choir onstage at the Rolling Stones’ Brisbane Entertainment Centre concert – a definite career highlight! She also directs community choirs Choirbolical (Toowoomba) and The Bayside Divas (Sandgate).

“Choirs are the ultimate community activity. Singing is a great equaliser – each one of us has a voice regardless of wealth, race, gender, popularity and sexuality etc. So when individuals come together and sing in a choir it feels magical!”

In her role as a private music teacher, Astrid also helps young people develop their voice and creative expression through music, providing them with a safe place where they are unafraid of judgement or failure.

“In speaking with other singing teachers, I know I’m not alone in saying that there are a lot of tears shed in a singing studio. Especially for teenagers who are basically angst in human form, singing can be a very vulnerable activity.”

“So for me it’s pretty special every time I see somebody have the courage to stand up on stage and share their voice with the audience in front of them.”

Three of Astrid’s students who are carving a name out for themselves in the music industry include indie songstress Isabel, Isabelle Carroll of Moses Gunn Collective and Sophie Moman who starred in QPAC’s Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang production.

Having learned some invaluable lessons throughout her career in the music industry, Astrid’s number one tip for any up and coming artist is to always focus on internal motivations over external motivations, know the value of your art and never compromise it in the face of those who disagree.

“If your work isn’t meaningful and sustaining to you, then you can’t expect anybody else to consider it so. Work hard enough so that everybody can see the value of what you do.”

If you’d like to get in contact with Astrid you can do so via her website.

Photo: Astrid working with Toowoomba community choir Choirbolical.