Descending into the dark depths of the surreal (and slightly creepy) Spring Hill Reservoir, Brisbane duo Argo are set to deliver an otherworldly experience at their latest immersive concert Flow.

Taking place next Friday night, 6 May, Flow combines classical and electronic music with acoustic instruments to create a unique soundscape and mesmerising atmosphere for listeners to lose themselves in.

“We are really trying to transport people to another world for the evening. From the moment they descend into the reservoir the audience will be enveloped in a sonic environment they have never experienced before,” said Argo’s Ben Heim.

Following on from their Meditations and Encore concerts earlier this year, Argo’s Flow will continue to break down the barriers of musical genres and push the boundaries of live performance.

“The audience can expect to hear the sounds of classical guitar, violin and cello transformed as they are fragmented, manipulated, mutated and dispersed around a surround sound environment. Performers will be scattered throughout the Reservoir, with the audience able to explore and interact with the music and the space.”

In a 24/7 world where everyone is constantly on the go and connected to social media but perhaps not to each other, Argo say it important to take time out to ‘switch off’ and just go with the flow. Ahead of their concert next week, we asked them for some tips on how we could do just that, and here’s what they had to say…


  1. Plan to do nothing. Make some time in your calendar occasionally, be it a few hours or a day, where you intentionally plan nothing, no work, no housework, anything. Just do whatever comes your way or whatever you feel like in the moment.
  2. Take a breath. When things become a bit much, stop and take a breath – take a moment to centre yourself before diving back in.
  3. Read a book. One that blows your mind and makes you demand more than life can possibly give you, then try and make your life give you what you seek.
  4. Look at a good sunset. Or clouds if you can’t obtain something close to a life-breaking lightshow. Enjoy being alive and realise that all the otherworldly experiences you dream of can all be found on this planet.
  5. Alter your state of consciousness every so often. However you want to do this is up to you, meditation, exercise, playing music, and certain substances all work well. But focus on being in a state that reaches beyond the normal human experience and just go with the flow – let it take you somewhere new.

Treat yourself and go with the Flow at Spring Hill Reservoir next Friday, 6 May at 7.30PM. All event and ticket information available here.