Put your Thriller record away and get ready to dig your claws into the horror-punk goodness that The Wrath will be bringing to The New Globe Theatre this Friday the thirteenth.

For over a decade these Gold Coast natives have been dropping badass punk rock albums, and their latest offering Disillusions & Resolutions is no exception.

“Everyday life and frustrations of the world around us was the main inspiration to put pen to paper and create this album – it was a great way to vent,” said front man Tommy Creeper.

Since the end of September, the band have been touring the East Coast, and although they’ve toured together for years, there’s still room for some quirky tour firsts.

“The tour has been great, it’s awesome to finally share the new songs with everybody! One quirky thing that has happened to us so far is that we had a jelly wrestling championship pool set up in front of the stage in Ballina which was definitely a first for us. I’m sure they’ll be a few more interesting stories to tell by the time the tour finishes.”

Now it’s Brisbane’s turn to experience The Wrath once more. So get your Freaky Friday on and prepare for a high energy show that you won’t be able to peel your eyes away from!

The Wrath play The New Globe Theatre this Friday night, 13 November.