Drawing on the influences of a friend’s mixtape of “cool, surfy songs,” Amela’s new single Better Off is an uplifting tune that champions escaping the norm and celebrating life in your own way.

Inspired by her desire to experience new things whilst at university, Amela says Better Off is all about expressing yourself and carving out your own path.

“I learnt a lot about myself during that time, in particular that it’s important to be honest with yourself and to follow your own path regardless of what people think or say.”

This sentiment is echoed on her forthcoming EP, Somewhere In Between – a record Amela says encapsulates her personality and artistry.

“With Somewhere In Between, I wanted to create a solid piece of work, which encompasses a variety of styles and gives the listener a good indication of the kind of songs I write.”

“I have always felt the need to box in my song-writing to one or two genres but I realised not long ago that all of the styles are a part of me. I am not here, nor there, I am Somewhere In Between.”

To celebrate the release of her new single and impending EP, we asked Amela to reflect on the little things in life worth appreciating. Here’s what she had to say…


  1. Definitely a nice cup of coffee in the morning.
  2. Discovering new places such as cafes, bookshops, vintage stores or just nice little streets, interesting houses or scenic lookouts.
  3. Listening to the Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast.
  4. Go on driving adventures!
  5. Oh, writing and recording new demos. That’s definitely up there of my top 5 favourite things to do ever in life.
  6. Decorating my room.
  7. Going to the beach early in the morning and spending some time reading and dreaming about life.
  8. Singing on other people’s tracks/collaborating – I just get to press record and sing anything I feel!
  9. Receiving any sort of letter, card or invitation in the post.
  10. Sitting on top of the Mount Tambourine look out under a full moon.

Listen to Amela’s new single Better Off here, and stay up-to-date with her via Facebook.