Our newest girl crush Alice Night is absolutely slayin’ with her album Culture How Could You?

Describing her music as ‘honest as fuck folk,’ Alice’s Culture How Could You? holds a mirror up to society whilst looking inwards, delivering words of wisdom in lyrical form.

Built on the philosophy that art and honesty create alchemy, the record tackles issues such as the ways our minds are influenced by mass media, the need to drop the beauty myth, keeping relationships accountable, living without regret, courage in the face of danger and the subliminal societal forces that can convince us we aren’t good enough.

“I want listeners to take away the awareness that we are free beings – we don’t need to allow ourselves to be controlled by a culture that doesn’t support us. We can ask ourselves what is really important, and if that means a radical lifestyle change so be it. Let’s crank that shift,” said Alice.

Perhaps her biggest message and greatest piece of advice comes in the form of her latest single Brave, which poignantly attests that we all “have to be brave these days.” The song brims with sentiments of self-acceptance and finding the confidence to pursue what you want to in life.

“We all have intrinsic gifts that we can harness, no matter how big or small. It’s about having the confidence to take the first steps.”

As Alice prepares to take Culture How Could You? on tour this month, we asked her to share some of the experiences that shaped her latest record. Get reading and make sure you book tickets for her album launch – it’s going to be one helluva inspiring show!


  1. Writing the track With Me with Robert Davidson. We were jamming with a grand piano in a big music hall and I was scrawling lyrics onto a whiteboard, we were discussing family and love and connection, and moving swiftly from conversation to composition… I think that is when I realised yeah we could make a whole album together… let’s do it.
  2. Meeting a new friend in New York named PJ. He offered me his house to live in while I was in New York. We saw a lot of concerts together and then came home and listened to records in his lounge room. He introduced me to some great musicians like Agnes Obel (who I then saw live in Brisbane). I am definitely influenced by other artists and grateful for the incredible examples they give us of what is possible.
  3. The song Brains In Their Claws is an interesting one. Robert and I sat down with a voice recorder and had a conversation… we asked each other questions like “what was the first thought you had when you woke up this morning.” The lyrics to this song are my word for word verbatim response. That experience helped me to realise that I could create songs in so many different and adventurous ways.
  4. Meeting Liam Malby the producer was hugely significant. Liam and I definitely spent more time together than anyone else involved. He was tireless and so dedicated. We brainstormed a lot together and his creativity influenced the sound of the album in a big way. He is very much a co-creator of Culture How Could You. I realised the importance of a producer during this project.
  5. Writing the track Trigger was a big moment for me. I was in California in the Red Woods with some days to myself. At that time I was quite angry I suppose, I was blaming people for things, but in the course of writing this song I made the conceptual transition from “how could you?” “how could you?” as directed towards one person to “culture how could you?” looking at why we are how we are, what shapes us and where we need to look to make changes. I think every moment is an opportunity to be generous, kind and honest. So, be part of creating the culture you want to live in!

Stay up-to-date with Alice via her website and Facebook, and catch her at her Brisbane show at The Zoo this Saturday night, 16 July. All event info here.



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