Aiden Bradley is used to making music with others, but this year he’s decided to go it alone and release his first solo single Siege.

Siege is about the conflict of being an introvert surrounded by extroverts, and the sacrifices that need to be made in a person’s social life in order to fulfil their creative desires. A self-confessed introvert himself, Aiden says releasing the track was quite nerve-wracking, given its personal nature.

“I wrote Siege a little while ago after some unpleasantness in my personal life. Of all the songs I’ve written for this solo project, Siege is the one that just stayed with me.”

Aiden says he wants listeners to take away that regardless of whether they’re introverted, extroverted or both, it’s ok.

“I want people to know it’s ok to be themselves. If you find parties and clubs alienating, then don’t go to them. By the same sentiment, if you love going to parties and bars, do that, but don’t suggest that other people might be unhappy because they aren’t doing the same.”

Given Siege is all about the conflict of being an introvert surrounded by extroverts, we asked Aiden to share with us some of his own struggles. Here’s what he had to say….


  1. Working in retail, like I do, isn’t the easiest thing on the planet. I’ve had a natural scowl since I was 5 that has gotten me reported to my manager from customers a few times.
  2. I don’t really like spending time in clubs or whatever, I’ve often been called ‘sad’ because I don’t enjoy socialising in those settings.
  3. The stereotypes of being introverted are pretty awful. If you ever google ‘Struggles of being introverted’ the first dozen results will be list articles with a barely relevant gif for each point. There’s a weird inferiority complex between both introverts and extroverts that shouldn’t exist. We just have different styles of living, and that’s fine.
  4. I’m generally a pretty straight shooting person. I’m frequently taken for being overly blunt and often mean when I just don’t have the patience to beat around the bush.
  5. I love big concerts, but sometimes the crowds can get to me a bit. I feel a little claustrophobic and getting back outside after the show is always a bit of a relief.

Aiden is currently working towards a full length record which he hopes to release in the near future.

Listen to Siege here and keep an eye out for updates on Aiden’s Facebook page.