‘Blues and Roots’ may conjure up impressions of flannel and denim, excess body hair and free-range organic agrarian living but Jordan Merrick of Fugitive and the Vagabond tends to emphasise the introspection that is the result of big city life.

Taking number one on the Triple J Unearthed overall charts recently, the second single of their soon-to-be-released album Novella is My Girlfriend, an amusing satirical take on relationships that just might be informed from personal experience.

The lyrics touch on everything from pet ownership, temporary employment to certain lifestyle choices and is refreshing in its irreverence. It’s a boppy, head-nodding track that is quite a departure from their previous EP The Lonesome, but the quality of storytelling is still top-notch.

Jordan’s effortless rounded draw takes centre stage with the band keeping things simple but tasteful. Digging back into their recent past finds a track called The Wild which deserves a mention as a counterpoint to the track under review. This touching ballad recounts recovering from lost love by a changing one’s location. This track also enjoyed success in the Triple J Unearthed charts, peaking at 12 overall.

We should all be looking forward to the release of Fugitive & The Vagabond’s debut album Novella in November as well as the music video for My Girlfriend which is due to drop soon.

Listen to and download My Girlfriend from Triple J Unearthed HERE.